How to Select Seats on Qatar Airways?

Do you wish to get your desired seats while flying with Qatar Airways? If this is what you desire, you should be aware of the Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy. You can easily select your preferred seat when booking a flight ticket with Qatar Airlines. 

Qatar Airways makes it easy for its passengers to select their desired seats to enhance the flying experience. The airline offers different seat categories under the seating policy. To learn more about the seat selection policy, go through the guide. 

To know about what is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy, get a human at Qatar Airways by dialing the Qatar Airlines toll-free Number to get instant assistance. 

How Can I Reserve a Seat with Qatar Airlines?

Qatar Airways allows its passengers to choose favorable seats to enhance their journey experience. However, the seat selection price is based upon the travel class. If you want to select your preferred seat, visit the official Qatar website and choose your desired seat. 

Here are the steps for Qatar Airways Seat Selection with Qatar Airways. 

  • Firstly, go through the official website of Qatar Airlines www.qatarariways.com
  • After that, click on the My Trips section and select the Manage Booking option.
  • Now, enter the booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name. 
  • Make the payment if you are choosing a standard economy seat. 
  • Finally, confirm your selection. 

If you eagerly want to get discounts or the best deal while making a reservation, you may consider using the Qatar low fare calendar. 

What is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy to Choose Seats?

You must know that the Advance Seat Reservation applies to all sectors of Qatar Airlines. However, the aircraft may change, so you cannot always make a reservation in advance.

  • Qatar Airways only permits you to select a seat when you report at the airport check-in desk within the flight closure (before 90 minutes). 
  • A specific seat will be allocated to the passengers who have any medical conditions or traveling with the carrycot. 
  • You cannot book an emergency exit row seat in advance as these seats are in the control of Qatar Airways. These seats will only be offered to adults (18 years+). 

You must consider these terms and conditions while requesting a seat selection with Qatar Airlines. If you are still looking for further information about Qatar seat selection, it is recommended to get in touch with one of the representatives of Qatar Airways.

How much is the Qatar Airways Seat Selection Fees?

You can choose the Standard seat for free if you have Economy Comfort or Convenience tickets. However, you must pay between $30 to $75 to choose preferred and extra legroom seats. 

Seats Available under Qatar Airways Seating Arrangement

Before knowing how to choose a seat with Qatar Airways, it is mandatory to check the seating arrangement of the airline. To get a complete insight, you should go through the below information.

Economy Class Options 

  1. Preferred Seats: 

It is important to go through the following points while choosing preferred seats with Qatar Airways. 

  • Preferred seats may vary according to the type of aircraft as these seats are situated towards the front of the Economy class. 
  • You must pay to select a preferred seat for Economy Convenience fares. 
  • However, you must pay an amount for Economy Comfort fares.
  1. Extra Legroom Seats:

Everybody would be glad to get extra legroom space while flying with any airline. You are allowed to choose extra legroom seats with Qatar Airways. 

  • Before choosing extra legroom seats, you must know that these seats are situated in the exit rows. 
  • You must pay the Qatar seat selection fee for Lite and Classic fares. 
  • The extra legroom seats are also obtain at economical fares. 
  1. Economy Reserve Seats:

If you want to book economy seats, you must go through the following terms and conditions.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to reserve a seat and reach the maturity age in your residence country. 
  • Economy reserve seat selection is only available for operated flights and passengers must have confirmed economy class e-ticket on Qatar Airlines. For additional information regarding Qatar Airways Seat Selection, you may get in touch with the operating airline. 
  • The seat selection depends upon the availability of seats at the time of check-in. You must also keep in mind that the selection can be denied too because of safety and operational reasons. 
  1. Standard Economy Seats:

Standard Economy Seats Selection is free of cost on most fare types. You must check out all airways fares while selecting a standard economy class. 

  • You must pay for seat selection if you have previously chosen an Economy (Classic). 
  • When flying with Economy (Convenience) or Economy (Comfort), you can select a standard seat free of cost at any time. Additional charges may apply when choosing an extra legroom seat selection or preferred seat. 

Premium Seats for Business Class 

  1. First-Class Seats:

If you want a seat in business class, first-class options will be the best choice. Here are the benefits of choosing premium seats with Qatar Airways. 

  • You will be entitled to on-demand services such as entertainment, double-bed, etc.
  • If you have Elite and Comfort tickets, then there will be no charges for Qatar Airways business class seat selection. 

Still having doubts about Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy, you may reach out to a live person at the airline by dialing a Qatar Airways Customer Service Number. 


Does Qatar Airways Charge for Seat Selection?

No, you don’t need to pay for the Economy class when selecting a standard seat. However, if you want an extra legroom space or a preferred seat, then the charge will apply.

What are the Steps to Choose Seats on Qatar Airways?

First, visit the official website and go to the My Trips section. Then, select Manage Booking and tap on Select Seats. Lastly, confirm the booking.

How Can You Get a Free Seat on Qatar Airways?

 It can only be possible when you don’t want to select a seat online with Qatar airways. In addition, you can get a free seat within check-in hours starting from 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

When can you select seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows its precious passengers to select their preferred seat in advance through its official web portal. The seat map will display all available seats on the flight, along with the details of the type of seat, such as whether it is an aisle or window seat or a seat with extra legroom. Even the airline gives the flexibility to choose a seat after the reservation. You can select your preferred seat 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Alternatively, the seat selection process can also be done at the time of check-in.  

How far in advance can you book seats on Qatar Airways?

DOnce the wise man said, the earlier you select your seat, the better the chances of getting the best flight deals. Qatar Airways allows flyers to select seats in advance at the time of reservation. It is an ideal time to book your desired seat because you can see all the available options. Otherwise, you can select your seat at the time of check-in free of cost. However, your preferred seat may be unavailable at the time of check-in.

How wide are the seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways seats are designed to be as wide and comfortable as possible, providing a luxurious experience for passengers. The seats are upholstered with top-notch fabric and soft cushioning to ensure maximum comfort. However, the width of the seats varies depending on the aircraft, but generally, Economy Class seats measure 17.9 inches in width, while Business Class and First Class seats measure up to 20.4 inches in width. To ensure that passengers have plenty of room to relax and stretch out during the flight. With such generous seating, Qatar Airways strives to make air travel convenient without any hindrance. 

How do I know what seats are available on Qatar Airways?

Whether you’re looking for spacious legroom with a reclining seat, a cosy workspace, or wish to sit next to your companion, Qatar Airways allows passengers to select seats of preference before or after the reservation. To check what seats are available on Qatar Airways, you can visit their website and select the ‘book’ option. After that, the system will show you a available flights from which you can choose the flights you were prefer in and check out the seating arrangement.  

What is the difference between economy and economy comfort on Qatar Airways?

Economy and Economy Comfort are two travel options offers by Qatar Airways. If you’re on a low budget, consider reserving your flight ticket in Economy Class. It offers a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom, in-flight entertainment, complimentary drinks and meals, and other amenities to make your air travel hassle-free. But keep in mind that you have to pay extra charges for seat selection and extra legroom. Economy Comfort is an upgraded version of Economy Class with a few added perks. The seats are larger and more comfortable with an extra 6 inches of recline, with spacious legroom up to 50%. But keep in mind that the airline allows Economy Comfort passengers to select their preferred seat free of cost. However, additional charges will apply to extra legroom or baggage allowance.

How many meals do you get on Qatar Airways?

If you’re flying with Qatar Airways, you can entice your taste buds with mouth-watering culinary dishes that’ll  make you feel like you’re dining in the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Qatar Airways offers a main meal and a second service meal on its long-haul flights. On short-haul flights, you can entice your taste buds with an assortment of light snacks and beverages.

How strict are Qatar Airways on hand luggage?

Qatar Airways is quite strict when it comes to hand luggage. Passengers are only allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage, which must not exceed the dimensions of 50cm x 37cm x 25cm. They also do not permit any liquids, gels, aerosols, or sharp items in hand luggage.

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