Complete Overview JetBlue Travel Credit.

Jetblue is known for its vacation packages as they provide award-winning services. Do you want to get more legroom in your seats, complimentary wifi, TV, and snacks? Entertainment etc. You can get the flight reservation with Jetblue for your scheduled destination. If you have canceled your flight ticket but don’t purchase the refundable fare, then you can still get the refund. Jetblue offers travel credits that you can use in future reservations. In the form of JetBlue travel banks, one can retain the value of the flight itinerary. There are many reasons that you can face due to which Jetblue grants travel credits for the same. The expiration of your credits can be a maximum of 12 months from the issuance.
In this article, you can able to understand the workings of the travel bank for your cancellation or other circumstances.

What is Jetblue Travel Credit?

JetBlue customers have access to this helpful system. Most flyers use JetBlueTravel Bank credits to book JetBlue vacation packages, which is quite popular among travelers.

You may manage your travel credits using your online bank account when flying with JetBlue. By going to JetBlue’s Travel Bank system, you may check your current balance, any transactions, and the expiration date of each credit using JetBlue travel credit.

Understanding Jetblue Travel Bank Account 

The Jetblue Travel Bank Account, an online system lets you manage your Jetblue travel credit with ease and on the go. It is not compulsory to be a TrueBlue member to open a Travel Bank account. If travel credits have been given to you by JetBlue, you will have access to your own Travel Bank account.

When you earn your first trip credit, you can create a JetBlue travel bank account. If your trip credits are ready to expire, you should go through the below steps to understand what you can do with it.

The JetBlue Travel Bank: What You Should Know

  • You can only use one Travel Bank per reservation since the cash is issued per flyer.
  • The funds are good for one year after the date of issue.
  • You can use only Travel Bank money for flights.

How to Use JetBlue Travel Bank Credit?

Do you want to use your travel credits issued to you? You can do so online or with the customer service team. Jetblue has a travel bank account, which you can use to redeem the remaining credits or points. Although, you can view or manage the reservation over there. So, to utilize the credits available in the Jetblue travel banks, you just need to follow the given information.

Use travel credits while booking:

Passengers can use their travel credits while reserving the flight ticket with them. Here are the points to use the credits accordingly.

  • If your TrueBlue account is linked to the travel bank account, you can log in to that.
  • Although, you have the option to sign at the time of booking.
  • When you proceed to the payment page after making the reservation, you can still log in to your travel bank account and utilize the credits.

Use the credits through Manage Trips:

Apart from the online booking process, you can use your credits by Manage Trips.

  • At the Manage Trips, you can create an account with the travel bank for the credits.
  • However, if you already have a travel bank account, you can attach it to the TrueBlue account by the Manage Trips.
  • If your travel bank account is attached to the Trublue account, you can log into your account and auto-update the available credits.
  • When you tap on the use credits button, you can easily apply the credits to the final amount.

How to Book a Flight with JetBlue Travel Credits?

Once you get the credits as a refund for the flight cancellation or the award ticket, you can book your flight journey accordingly. For this, you can reserve the journey with travel credits online or in the offline method. You must have a TrueBlue or travel bank account to book through credits. Therefore, just look at the following points for using the credits.

  • To initiate the reservation, sign in to the jetblue.com travel bank account and pick the Book Now tab in the left column.
  • Fill in the passenger’s details, putting the traveler’s name first so you may utilize their travel credits to pay for the trip.
  • Select travel credit from the drop-down box when you reach the payment screen.
  • If you skipped the login process and went right to booking, you’ll be able to log in using your 10-digit login ID or TrueBlue credentials.
  • After you’ve logged in, the page will show you your credit balance.
  • You may change the amount you want to use by clicking into the box and entering the amount you wish to apply to the ticket.
  • After making any necessary changes, choose Apply Travel Credits and continue as usual.
  • If your Travel Bank funds are insufficient to cover the total payment amount, scroll down and finish the payment using your credit card details in the credit card box.

How Long are JetBlue Travel Credits Good For?

Many passengers do not have any idea about the expiration of the JetBlue credits. When you cancel the reservation or the airline cancels the journey, then eligible credits will appear immediately. Jetblue travel credits are good for the following details.

  • You can use the credits for up to one year from the date of issuance online through the travel bank account.
  • If you book the flight through the travel credit and cancel the reservation, then expired credits cannot be redeposited in your account.
  • Sometimes, due to delay or cancellation can take up to seven days or more to issue the credits.
  • Every flight with Jetblue is not eligible for the compensation; you must review the customer service page for more information.
  • In third-party bookings, you must provide your TrueBlue number or email address for your journey.
    You can exceed the one-year expiration by paying some amount for more benefits.

What is the Jetblue Travel Bank Login Process?

  • Firstly, to begin, sign in to your TrueBlue account.
  • Then, Log in to your Travel Bank account by clicking the down arrow next to your name and total points.
  • Finally, from the drop-down menu, select JetBlue travel bank credit.

How do I Get a Refund from JetBlue Travel Bank?

You can obtain a refund for the canceled flights in the form of a travel credit in your wallet. Moreover, one can use the credit towards booking future flights and other airfare purchases. 

Furthermore, the airline transfers the refunds to the JetBlue login travel bank. It comes with a validation and expiration date of the account’s activity. The transfer is done with the approval of the customers. 

Here is how you can request a refund of the canceled flight and receive compensation from your JetBlue travel bank. 

  • Call 1-844-JB-VACAY (1-844-528-2229) and request the executive to initiate a JetBlue com travel bank credit and ask any questions related to the same.
  • Next, visit the airline’s official site, submit a refund request form, and wait for the team’s response.

Can JetBlue Travel Bank be Transferred?

No, you cannot transfer your JetBlue travel bank credit from your account to someone else’s account. In short, your Travel Bank account is non-transferable. 

But you can use your travel credit to make a flight reservation for other persons, including your parents, spouse, child, or friend. 

However, flight booking through a travel credit is feasible for the same person who has been offered the credit. For assistance with itinerary changes, talk to a customer service executive by giving a call at 1 (800) 221-1212.

How to Get Refunds in Jetblue Travel Credit?

You can apply for flight cancellation and a refund before departure. Moreover, you must remember the duration to request a refund to your JetBlue login travel bank. 

Furthermore, the team will initiate a refund within 20 days after receiving the flyer’s refund request. If you can’t see the money in your account after a long time, don’t hesitate to raise a complaint. 

Bottom line

JetBlue’s Travel Bank program is a little confusing to use, but perhaps this tutorial will make it easier for you. Remember that you may only access this money through a different account than your JetBlue account. And the airline provides reimbursements to each traveler’s personal Travel Bank account, even if they are under the same record location.


Can You Transfer Jetblue Airways Travel Bank?

No, you cannot transfer credit from your JetBlue account to the travel bank account of another JetBlue customer as it is non-transferable. 
However, you may use your travel credit to purchase tickets for others (parents, spouse, kid, or friend). Condition: First-place people can only book a flight using travel credit.
Call JetBlue Travel Bank customer service at (1-800-538-2583) for assistance with JetBlue cancellations or itinerary changes.

What is the duration of JetBlue Travel Bank?

Once approved, the JetBlue travel bank credit has a one-year expiry date. It is not compulsory to fly within 365 days, but you must make sure you book your travel within that time range.
You may purchase only JetBlue tickets with these credits. It is not applicable for purchases made in-flight or for baggage.

Can you sell JetBlue credit?

Yes. You may sell your JetBlue TrueBlue credits to make money. However, there are restrictions to selling TrueBlue points online but you can sell your miles to miles brokers online.

Is it possible to use my trip credits to pay for someone else’s trip credits?

No, you must access each Jetblue travel credit and bank account and independently through a booking.
If you’re making a reservation for more than one person and wish to combine your reservations, you can contact the airline and request each Travel Bank account payment be made. 
Please remember that each person is only allowed to establish one Travel Bank account.

Is JetBlue travel credits transferable to friends or family members?

It is not feasible to transfer JetBlue Travel Bank credit. A travel bank credit, on the other hand, can be used to purchase tickets for another person, such as a spouse, parent, kid, or friend. Flights bought using travel credit must be taken by the person who received the credit.

Can I use Jetblue travel bank credit on American Airlines?

No, you cannot use the travel credits on any other Airlines or with American Airlines. If you pay through the Jetblue TrueBlue points, you cannot see the travel credit as an option. Due to this, you can only use the credits on your travel bank or TrueBlue account. However, you can check out the remaining balance or credits in your account. Passengers can use the credits to lower the actual flight prices for their destination.

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