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Eager to enjoy an exciting holiday to satisfy your travel bug? But don’t wish to spend a harmonious amount of money on air travel? If so, you should book Eva Airlines Flight tickets because you deserve the best. Eva Air is one of the top airlines in the aviation industry and is known for offering incredible discounts. If you are looking for a luxurious travel experience, there is no better choice than this airline. From the beginning, EVA Airlines Reservations has been providing quality service and continuous improvement as part of its daily operations. It has an exciting option for passengers that helps them book flight tickets at an affordable price. Thus Eva air makes saving money for the trip easy for their passengers. The booking process is swift as it helps the passengers to book a seat of their choice.

Eva Airlines Reservations Number 

Booking a flight on Eva Airlines reservations is simple and straightforward; no extra effort is required to complete it. The airline offers passengers a variety of booking options, such as the official website of Eva Airlines, the airline’s mobile application, and the Eva Airlines phone number. All options are easy to implement. Since many passengers ought to book the ticket online, they think it is the best option, but some passengers also prefer offline booking of their tickets.

A toll-free number is available all around the clock for the Customers and they can get the best support from airline professional experts by calling this Eva airlines reservation number. They can either call the airlines for direct booking of their flight or manage their ticket, which was booked online through the website. To fulfill any of the two tasks, customers have to give their complete travel details to the airline representative over the phone to find the best travel deal or make the customer support team help them regarding their existing booking.

What is EVA Air’s baggage allowance?

EVA Airlines reservations have a considerable baggage allowance, but don’t be attracted by overweight checked baggage-flights to and from the United States are charged per piece, so there is no chance to pay just a few pounds.

Carry-on baggage allowance

Passengers flying in Royal Laurel/Super Laurel/Business Class of Eva Airlines flight can carry two pieces of luggage, and every bit of luggage cannot surpass the weight 15 pounds. Economy or Elite Class passengers can bring a piece of baggage weighing 15 pounds. The size of each hand luggage shall not be larger than 9x14x22 inches. There are measurement units at the airport lounge’s check-in counter to distinguish whether your baggage meets all of the above requirements or not.

If the hand luggage is overweight or oversized, it needs to be checked.

Checked-baggage allowance

Eva Airlines’ free checked baggage amount may vary by country/region and route. Eva Air reservations will measure the weight of your checked baggage during check-in. If you are not within the allowed range of the class specified by them, you may be charged an excess fee. This will apply if your luggage exceeds its maximum size limit (linear 62 inches (158 cm) and/or the weight limit of the ticket above).

Music and sports equipment

Other than the musical instruments, the rest of the cabin luggage must be lower than the seatback. For detailed information about various sports equipment and related tools, please click here.

EVA Airlines Customer Service

You can find the latest offers and deals on Eva flight bookings on the Eva official website. Is the Eva Airlines customer service number available 24 hours a day? Yes, Regarding Eva Airlines, the airline provides one of the best customer services in the aviation industry. Eva’s customer service offers convenience for all-weather passengers. You can even call the airline at an unfamiliar time, and the airline representative will contact you and ask questions. Share all your problems, and take advantage of real-time solutions. In terms of customer satisfaction, it has always been the best airline and has won passengers’ great attention for many years.

Why do we need to call Eva Airlines’ customer service number?

 You may need to make a call for the following reasons.

  • Ask for help during the booking process.
  • Call the airline to make an Eva Air Seat Reservation in advance.
  • A guide that can be used when checking in.
  • Complaints about lost, damaged, and lost luggage.
  • Know the current status of your scheduled flight.
  • Arrange affordable vacation packages with their help.
  • Learn more about airline baggage allowance, refund, and cancellation policies.
  • Ask about profitable deals that are not posted online.

Eva Airlines Manage Bookings

To manage Eva Airlines reservations, you should go to the official website’s homepage and select the “Manage” tab to manage your booking online. You can log in, visit the manage tab, and then go to the “view my booking” option to make the required changes. Assuming you have any problems with your current flight or wish to change your online flight,  Eva Airlines’ manage Booking option will help you change or modify your flight quickly.

eva airlines manage bookingRetrieving your reservation details can help you discover and use some of the airline functions, such as 

  • You can change the date, time, or destination of your Eva Airlines Booking.
  • You can cancel your reservation or pay additional baggage fees.
  • You can correct the name of your ticket, check-in online, and get other additional services.
  • And you can also choose your favorite service. 
  • You can check your itinerary and booking details, and even request special services and many other discoveries. 
  • Ticket reservations managed by Eva Airlines Reservations can help you save money and time and make your travel more comfortable.

Eva Air Reservations’ Flight cancellation policy

Suppose you book and issue an EVA Air flight ticket from or to the US on the EVA AIR website or through the EVA Air reservations or ticket office one week or earlier before the round-trip flight departure date. In that case, EVA will allow you to cancel the ticket Book without penalty. Book within 24 hours after purchase. In this case, a full refund will be provided. But, This feature is only applicable to online transactions on the official website of EVA Air, App, transactions paid by credit card or certain third-party payments (notes) from the reservation and ticketing center, including air tickets and ancillary services. Passengers who wish to apply for a ticket refund need to enter the ticket number. Passengers who want to apply for a refund for ancillary services (such as excess baggage fees) must enter the miscellaneous electronic document (EMD) number on the airlines’ official site.

Eva Airlines Check-in

All passengers must check-in before the scheduled flight takes off. Advanced check-in can be performed 24 hours and 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. You can always call Eva Airlines for complete information about boarding. However, the airline will send you an email reminder, including your Eva Air Flight Status, 24 hours before departure! You can check-in in 3 ways: mobile, online, or at the airport.

Mobile check-in 

Download the latest version of the Eva Airlines Reservations mobile app for iPhone and Android to use your phone to board the plane to obtain a convenient paperless boarding pass. You will have the opportunity to carefully check seat allocation and baggage reservations during mobile check-in 24 hours before departure. It’s easy!

Check-in online 

You can start online access by visiting “Online Check-in” 24 hours before the flight departure. Before printing the paper boarding pass, be sure to confirm your seat allocation and luggage storage.

Check-in at the airport

You need to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight. You must pass the airport security check and boarding procedures at least one hour before departure to complete the boarding process. All passengers flying with Eva Airlines Reservations who are over the age of 18 must present acceptable identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.