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Craving for an enriching travel experience? Yes, then proceed further and plan a trip using ANA reservation. The airline is embellished with some great on-board and ground facilities that are designed while keeping flyers’ comfort in mind. If you are a budget-conscious traveler, then there is no better choice for you than ANA. the airline promises care and comfort in the sky. 

Being one of the famous names in the aviation industry, the airline never hesitates to bestow passengers’ with the best. Apart from these services, there is no shortage of incredible deals and offers on the airline’s official site. ANA posts plenty of offers that cover the needs of every traveler. One can fetch the best deal as per his or her travel needs and save on All Nippon Airways reservations. Get the deal on tme and fly affordably to your dream destination. 

How to buy flight tickets online?

Planning a trip with ANA, but worried about the intricate booking process? If it is so, keep your worries away and purchase tickets through the ANA official site and reduce your additional efforts. Purchasing tickets with ANA is like a piece of cake and you will just have to follow some simple steps to get in done. Though you have other options also to make ANA reservation, but it is the best and the easiest method. 

  • Open the ANA Airlines official website and on the left hand-side of the screen you will see a search engine where you need to fill all your flight details. Click on the “Flight reservation” tab and move further.
  • For award bookings, click on the required option and login with your credentials. 
  • Select the type of trip, followed by your origin destination. 
  • After this, make sure to insert your destination city in the specified field and go to the next step of the ANA reservations process. 
  • Mention the date of departure and the return date (if required).
  • Choose the number of passengers traveling on the same route and going on the same journey. 
  • From the drop-down menu, select your travel class. 
  • Select which type of fare you want for your booking. 
  • If you have any promo code, apply it. 
  • Apply a click on the “Find Flights” button after providing all your important details. 
  • The list of available flights will be displayed on your screen and you can select the flight as per your travel preferences. 
  • Confirm your ANA reservation after making a payment.

Know about the ANA frequent flyer program

Do you travel regularly with ANA? If yes, then you must join the loyalty program of the airline to avail maximum benefits. The members of this program are lucky enough to enjoy every kind of luxury in the air. The name of the frequent flyer program of the airline is ANA Mileage Club. Under this program, you can earn miles from shopping, flights, hotels, or car rentals. These assembled miles can be used later for making ANA booking and enjoying other benefits. You can also get flight awards with this program. 

Earning miles 

Looking for different ways to earn miles at much ease? From shopping, car rentals, hotel stays, and more, members have countless ways to earn miles that are mentioned below. 

  • ANA Japan Domestic Flight
  • ANA Global Mileage Mall
  • ANA Global car rental
  • ANA Global hotels
  • American Express Membership Rewards program
  • Partner Hotels
  • Partner Airlines
  • ANA International Flights

Using miles

If you don’t know how you can redeem your miles, then below is the required information. Whether it is a shopping trip or a flight award, you can redeem you accrued miles for enjoyment and fun. You can use miles on- 

  • ANA reservation on ANA Japan Domestic Flight
  • ANA Global car rental
  • ANA Global hotels
  • ANA Value vouchers
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards
  • ANA International Upgrade Awards
  • Partner Flight Awards
  • ANA International flight awards
  • Airport Limousine Bus
  • Taxi Coupons
  • Donate miles

How to manage ANA booking?

Confirming your booking is one thing, but changing it later on is another thing and that is very important. Managing a flight can help you to avoid any kind of hassle. If you need any sudden modification in your reservation, then you have different options to apply necessary changes. Heck out the below mentioned steps to amend your existing All Nippon Airways reservations online. 

  • Go to the official website of ANA and click on the “My Booking” button located beside the “Flight Reservation” tab. 
  • Choose how you would like to retrieve your booking through e-ticket number, reservation number, and ANA number. Choose your preferred way and enter the information.
  • After this, insert the first name and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Click on the “Search” button to open your current booking with the airline. 
  • Once you have access to your reservation, implement all the desired changes. 

ANA Some Faq’s

  • Which items are restricted to bring in the checked baggage?

There are certain items that are not accepted by the airline as the checked bag. Every passenger must go through that list to make sure of the smooth and hassle-free boarding process. Some of the prohibited items are-

  • Flammable items like lighters, etc. 
  • Items that have a risk of explosion such as gas cylinders, fireworks, etc. 
  • Items that can damage the property
  • Items that can harm other passengers. 

If you are carrying any item that is not allowed in the carry-on or checked bag, then it will be discarded in the discard box at the airport security checkpoint. 

  • Can I transfer miles to my ANA card that I have earned on other cards?

Yes, every member is allowed to transfer miles to the new card. For this, you have to enter your customer number in the card conversion form/ the plan modification form or the application form for an ANA card. Entering your customer number is very important, otherwise your miles will be transferred on a later date. You can connect to the service representative through the ANA Mileage Service Center and give your customer number. 

  • I have a panic disorder. Can I travel?

ANA understands your concern and does everything possible to make your journey smooth and comfortable. There are many things that can result in panic results like vertigo, hyperventilation, trouble breathing, palpitations, fear, insecurity, etc. during a flight. You are highly recommended to consult a physician and check whether you are fit to fly or not. Ask him what to do if you have a panic attack on the flight. Don’t forget to carry your effective medication. ANA can also arrange a seat for you; let the airline know in advance in such cases. 

  • Am I permitted to check my electric wheelchair? 

Yes, each passenger is allowed to check a wheelchair free of charge. Reach out the ANA Disability Desk and share the weight & size of wheelchair and the type of battery. 

  • How can I change my flight?

If you have confirmed your ANA reservation and now you wish to change your flight, then you can do it online without any hassle.  Click on the “My Bookings” option on the airline’s official website and enter the required details. Click on the “Search” button and pull up your itinerary. After this, click on the “Change flight” button and change your flight seamlessly. 

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