WestJet Airlines Seat Selection:

Planning to fly with WestJet Airlines but not too satisfied with your seat? Absolutely no worries! WestJet Airlines has a solution for travelers who wish to more easily and conveniently select their seats according to their preferences. Even if you should have selected a seat when making your initial reservation with WestJet, their seat selection policy can help you locate the ideal location. When choosing the WestJet Airlines Seat Selection option, you can experience improved comfort, legroom, and extra comfort.

WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy

WestJet provides different seating options for the passengers. However, before selecting a seat, you must have the knowledge of WestJet Seat Selection Policy. Here are the few rules outlines of the policy.

  • Passengers can upgrade to the upper class from a lower class
  • The passenger cannot move from business to economy class.
  • To secure the preferred seats, passengers are advised to choose them during the flight booking process. This increases their chances of obtaining their desired seat due to higher availability.
  • During online check-in, seat selection depends on seat availability for the flight.
  • For domestic flights, passengers can choose seats from one to two hours before the scheduled departure, while for international flights, this window is extended to one to three hours.
  • Passengers who wish to switch between flight classes for seating must rebook their entire flight.

How do I Select a Seat on WestJet Airlines?

If you’re new to flying and booking your flight with WestJet for the first time. Then, you must know the seat selection process. Here are the pointers to help you secure your preferred seat:

  • First, visit WestJet’s official website.
  • Next, locate and click on the “Manage Trip” section.
  • From the options presented, choose “Manage flights.”
  • Then, you may tap on the seat selection option.
  • A seat map will be displayed, showing the available seats for your flight.
  • Then, you can choose and reserve your preferred seat from the map.
  • Lastly, follow any additional instructions to complete the seat selection process successfully.
  • Following these steps, you can choose your preferred seat when booking your flight with WestJet.

Westjet Seating Options and Cost:

Econo Fares:

WestJet provides Econo Fares, their fundamental and budget-friendly fare option. These fares encompass a complimentary checked bag, the ability to choose seats in advance, access to overhead storage, and onboard refreshments at no additional cost.
The pricing for Econo Fares varies based on your chosen route and flight. Typically, the lowest-priced Econo Fares commence from $67.

Premium Fares:

For an elevated experience beyond Econo Fares, WestJet presents Premium Fares. These fares come with privileges such as priority check-in and security, allowance for two checked bags, utilization of overhead storage, and in-flight refreshments. Like other fare options, the cost of Premium Fares hinges on your route and selected flight. Generally, the least expensive Premium Fares begin from $114.

Business Fares:

WestJet’s most deluxe and premium fare category is Business Fares. These fares grant access to the VIP lounge, a generous baggage allowance of three checked bags, expedited check-in and security procedures, overhead bins, and the luxury of lie-flat seating.
The pricing for Business Fares varies depending on your route and specific flight. Typically, the most affordable Business Fares start from $499.

WestJet offers these distinct fare tiers to cater to various travel preferences and needs, providing passengers with choices ranging from budget-conscious to heightened luxury and comfort.

How to Choose a Seat on WestJet via Call?

If you face any problem booking your flight online, don’t despair. The airline has dedicated customer service that is available around the clock. You can call the experts without giving a second thought. Here is a method to choose a seat on Westjet with the help of WestJet assistance.

  • Dial WestJet customer service at 1 (888) 937-8538 and listen to the IVR.
  • The menu will offer various selections, including flight bookings, baggage inquiries, and the frequent flyer program.
  • After selecting the relevant option, you will be connected to the appropriate department or representative who can address your questions or issues.
  • Further, you can press 0 or verbally request a “representative” to connect with a live customer service agent.
  • The agent will then assist with your inquiries or concerns about WestJet Seat Selection.

How to Choose a WestJet Seat after Booking a Flight?

If you have not selected a seat while booking. Then you may also to pick your seat after the booking is completed. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Start by visiting WestJet Airlines’ official website.
  • Navigate to the “Check-in” section and provide the details in the designated area.
  • Choose the seat upgrade service.
  • You can indicate the class in which you’d like to select your seat and verify seat availability.
  • Finally, complete the process by making the required payment to confirm your seat selection with WestJet Airlines.

Can I upgrade my seat on WestJet during the check-in process:

Yes, you can choose a seat on WestJet during check-in. This method lets you change your seat choice during check-in, ensuring you have the seat you desire for your upcoming WestJet flight.

  • Start by accessing WestJet’s official website.
  • To begin the procedure, select the ‘check-in’ option.
  • From the available ‘check-in’ options, choose ‘check-in now.’
  • Once on the ‘Check-in’ page, provide the Booking code, last name, and the unique six-character code. And select ‘Find trip.’
  • Further, accessing your trip details, select the flight you’re checking in for, and proceed with the check-in process.
  • Then, you’ll see the flight’s seating map as you move through the check-in steps. This allows you to choose from the available seats.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts on the screen to pay for the seat you prefer and finalize the check-in procedure.

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