Hawaiian Airlines is considered the longest-serving airline that delivers non-stop services to passengers in major locations worldwide. All the flight services and the latest discounts are accessible online at their website. Every passenger wants to travel comfortably with the utmost services for their destination. Are you interested in upgrades? You deserve it perfectly for your existing reservation before the scheduled departure. In this article, you will get to know about the complete information on the Hawaiian Airlines options to upgrade to first class from the preferred travel class. Therefore, let’s have a look at the following details to upgrade the itinerary.

How do you Upgrade to First class on Hawaiian?

If you wish to upgrade your existing flight reservation to the first class, you must be aware of the following information.

1. Upgrade with Dollars

  • You need to open the official web page of Hawaiian Airlines at www.hawaiianair.com.
  • With this, you can choose the manage flights option from the top of the screen.
  • You must insert the booking reference number and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you submit the details, you will easily find the reservation details with Hawaiian.
  • There, choose the itinerary you wish for the upgrade.
  • On the drop-down section, you must tap on the seat upgrade option from the given.
  • You need to provide the first class as the upgrade and check for seat availability.
  • You will find the list of seat assignments that you can select as per preference.
  • Hawaiian Airlines asks to add the complete passenger information and other details.
  • At last, you must pay for the same in dollars or other preferred currency and obtain the confirmation.

2. Upgrade with Miles

Besides the dollars, you can also use your earned miles to upgrade to the first and business class. For this, you need to contact the reservation team for Hawaiian Airlines upgrade requests with miles or follow some online steps.

  • To upgrade using miles, you must complete the upgrade 26 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • If you have purchased the revenue tickets, then only you can upgrade the ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Upgrade policy

When you have decided to upgrade the seats, you must be aware of the necessary rules and regulations. Here are the essential points of Hawaiian Airlines flight upgrade policy for your reference.

  • You can upgrade to first class within 24 hours of the flight booking or at the time of reservation without any fees.
  • Once the upgrade to first class is confirmed, you need to pay the fare difference and the necessary upgrade fees.
  • After 24 hours of the purchase, you need to bear the applicable charges depending on the ticket type, travel dates, travel class, and destination.
  • To do the upgrade by miles, you must complete the same not less than 26 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • The mileage upgrade can be of business saver and business flex along with the first class.
  • Hawaiian platinum, gold, and MasterCard holders can acquire some additional discounts on flight awards and upgrades.

How much is it to Upgrade Seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

Travel wholly within Hawaii or their neighboring islands in the first class by upgrading the seat at low prices. You can find the cost to upgrade to first-class Hawaiian Airlines as given below.

  • Neighbour Island needs to pay 50 USD as the fee for the upgrade to first class.
  • Paulani Platinum has a complimentary first-class upgrade according to the availability of the check-in.
  • Paulani gold members can complete the upgrade for the fee of USD 25.
  • Apart from this, upgrade fees for all the other passengers vary between $250 to $1000 according to the requirements and destination.

When can you bid for an Upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

Passengers traveling with a confirmed flight ticket to North America, Hawaii, and other international routes can bid for a seat upgrade. However, you cannot sit in the main cabin basic or travel with the pet to bid on the upgrade.

  • If you are eligible for the upgrade, you will receive an email about participating in the bid upgrade.
  • Passengers can request the bid online through their “manage trips” section.
  • Once the airlines accept the bidding, they will give you the confirmation within 24 to 48 hours.
  • You need to pay the desired amount of the bid when your request is accepted.

How many miles do you need to Upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you need to upgrade to Hawaiian Airlines, you can use the miles according to the specific process. The cost of your Hawaiian Airlines upgrade to first class with miles can be different for the one-way journey as follows.

  • The neighboring island can be 7500 miles.
  • For North America, you need to pay 25000 miles.
  • 30000 miles for Samoa/Tahiti with no stopovers.
  • Miles to New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Korea, or China will be 45000 without any stops.

Can I Upgrade my Hawaiian Economy Seats to first class?

Yes, you can upgrade your economy class seats to the first class online or with the help of customer service. You can call the Hawaiian Airlines phone number at 1-800-367-5320 and follow the instructions. When you choose the preferred button, you will get the representative immediately. They will help you to upgrade to the first class in less time.

Does Hawaiian Airlines give free Upgrades?

Yes, Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold members can access the free/complimentary upgrades to the first class, having extra comfortable seats. You can get an upgrade according to the availability of all the Hawaiian flights.

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