Aeromexico Telefono +1-860-294-8474 Para boletos México, USA.

Are you having a travel itch that wants to go to some exciting destination? Yes, then pick your phone and contact Aeromexico Telefono to purchase flight tickets at much ease. The executives of this airline will let you know about the available flight options as per your travel requirements. They will even enlighten you with the on-going offers so that you can save maximum on your travel expenses. A suitable deal is very beneficial because we all know that airfares are the most crucial part of a journey. If you get lucky enough to save on these expenses, you can really have an incredible journey at pocket-friendly fares. So, call them to fetch a suitable offer now. 

Aeromexico is one of the leading airlines in the aviation industry owing to the award-winning services and brilliant customer support. The airline is a perfect choice for budget-savvy travelers as there are plenty of opportunities to save on your travel expenses. For any kind of help, you can dial the numero de telefono de Aeromexico, which is available throughout the day and night for passengers’ convenience. 

Aeromexico En Espanol Telefono Details:

Aeromexico Telefono USA+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Telefono Mexico+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Telefono Espanol+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Flight Reservations+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Booking phone+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Flight Cancellation+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Sales Mexico+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Sales Dominican Republic+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico US and Canada General number1-800-237-6639
Aeromexico US and Canada Groups+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico Customer Service in USA(55) 5133 4000
Aeromexico HubsMexico City International Airport
Aeromexico luggage Number+1-860-294-8474
Aeromexico number in the United States+1-860-294-8474

¿Cómo contactar Numero De Telefono De Aeromexico?

Looking for help related to the services of Aeromexico Airlines? If yes, then you are required to get in touch with the experts of the airline to get an immediate solution to all your problems. You can also connect to the airline representatives through email or text, but the phone number of the airline is the best and quickest method as there is no waiting time. While sending a message to the airline executive, you may have to wait for his response; but with the phone number of the airline, you get an instant response to all your questions. Give a call on the telefono de Aeromexico to resolve all your problems within the shortest period of time.  

¿Pasos cómo hablar con las representantes de las aerolíneas?

  • Visit the Aeromexico official site and pick your preferred language from Spanish and English. 
  • Scroll down and come at the end of the homepage. 
  • There you will see the “Contact” section, click on it. Several other options are available under this section, which are Contact Club Premier, Customer service, great plan, group tours, compliance, travel shops, and job board. 
  • Once you click on the “Contact” section, various sections will appear on your screen. Locate the USA number of the airline like Aeromexico telefono USA to talk to the airline agents. 
  • Dial the specified number and an agent will come over the phone within a little or no time. 
  • Share your concern with him and he will assign you a designated agent as per your problem. 
  • He will join the line and will try his best to resolve your issue. 

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Marque el numero de telefono de Aeromexico y conozca la politica de equipaje de Aeromexico

Every passenger must check the baggage policy of Aeromexico Airlines to avoid bringing extra baggage at the airport. You can call on the Aeromexico telefono Mexico to learn about the baggage allowance on your scheduled flight. The airline’s baggage policy is very simple and comprehensive that permits flyers to travel with all their luggage comparatively at low fares. Here we are discussing the baggage allowance as per the travel class of the airline. Keep in mind that one carry-on bag and one personal item is allowed on each flight of Aeromexico. 

  • Basic Fare

Checked bags are not allowed in the Basic Fare; only carry-on items are permitted. The maximum dimension of the carry-on bag must not measure more than 115 cm or 45 linear inches. Your carry-on item should not be heavier than 10kg or 22 lb. Wallet, camera, portfolio, backpack, handbag, etc. can be carried on the flight. Aeromexico contacto is available throughout the day and night; call on the number to learn more details about the baggage allowance. 

  • Main Cabin 

Two pieces are allowed, which is one carry-on and one personal item with a combined maximum weight of 10 kg or 22 lb. Each piece of bag should not exceed 55 x 40 x 25 cm or 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches.  Only one piece of checked bag is allowed to bring in the flight with a maximum of 25 kg or 55 lbs of weight. The maximum dimensions of the checked bag in the Main Cabin can be 158  cm or 62 linear inches. Opt for Aeromexico Airlines Tickets and fly hassle-free to your dream destination. 

  • Premier Class

To know the exact details about the baggage allowance, call numero de Aeromexico immediately. The carry-on baggage allowance for Premier Class is the same as that of the Main Cabin, where two pieces of carry-ons (one personal item and one carry-on item)are allowed on-board. The maximum weight of these items can be 10 kg or 22 lb and the maximum dimensions can be 55 x 40 x 25 cm or  21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches.  While talking about the checked baggage allowance of Premier Class, two pieces of checked bags are allowed on the flight, which should not measure more than 158 cm or 62 inches.

The maximum weight of the checked bag in Premier Class can be 32 kg or 66 lbs. Dial Aeromexico customer service number Spanish to add bags in advance to your itinerary.  Passengers who are traveling with infants can bring two articles on the flight like a bassinet, stroller, diaper bag, etc.

¡Comuníquese con Aeromexico Airlines para hablar en su idioma!

Looking for experts’ assistance in your regional language? Well, you can find out the number of your area by visiting the official site and get a solution to all your problems in one go. The airline officials are very supportive, and they promise to not disappoint you. Reach out to them whenever you want, and get ready to have a wonderful experience. Here are different numbers. 

Aeromexico Telefono desde USA

Are you flying from the USA? Well, you can give a call on the number of your area to explain your issues without any hassle. The number is reachable all the time, and you can get guidance easily. Get in touch with experts regardless of the time. 

Aeromexico Telefono en Espanol

People who are looking to talk in the Spanish language over the phone are free to contact Aeromexico Telefono en Espanol desk. The customer service department of the airline is available round the clock for your help. Connect with experts and eradicate all your problems. 

Aeromexico Telefono USA Espanol

Are you traveling from Spain to any of your dream destinations? The airline is a perfect choice for you. Dial the number if you are from the United States, and want to interact in the Spanish language. Get in touch with the Aeromexico agent, and purchase flight tickets with minimal effort.

Aeromexico Telefono desde Estados Unidos

 Do you live in America? Yes, pick your phone to call on this number and buy tickets without any hassle. The agents over the phone are very supportive and they will help you with all of your issues. Don’t hesitate to contact them, and troubleshoot queries in no time. 

International Telefono of Aeromexico Tickets

CountriesContact Number
Aeromexico Tickets Argentina0800 888 2276
Aeromexico Telefono555133 4000
Belice00 1800 0162143
Chile800 392 674
China86 21 6466 8099
Brazil0800 891 7512
Costa Rica0 800 052 1447
Korea82 2 754 6336
Aeromexico Ecuador Reservations Number1 800 000 227
Aeromexico The Savior Reservations Number800 61 05
Spain900 995 282
Aeromexico Tickets United States and Canada1 800 237 6639
Colombia01 800 952 0533
Guatemala1 800 835 0269
Holland0800 0224008
Honduras800 2791 9025
Ireland1 800 855 474
Japan0 570 783 057
Nicaragua001 800 2260294
Panama800 052 1373
Peru0 800 767 50
Dominican1 888 7600 141
United Kingdom0 800 9775 533
France0 800 916 754
United States and Canada1800426-9000

Faq’s – Aeromexico Airlines

¿Cómo cancelar un vuelo en Aeroméxico?

Flyers can cancel their flight booking at much ease through the airline’s official site. They just have to apply some easy and quick steps to cancel their current booking. Here are the steps to terminate the existing reservation. 

  • Navigate to aeromexico.com.
  • On the top of the homepage, there is the option of “Your trip.” Click on it.
  • A new page will display on your screen with the name “customize your trip.”
  • Here you can access your itinerary through e-ticket or reservation or the frequent flyer program.
  • To search your booking through e-ticket or reservation, enter the same in the specific field. 
  • After that, add your surname. 
  • Click on the “Find your reservation” button and choose the “flight cancelation” button. 
  • Follow the instructions and confirm your cancelation. 

¿Cómo hablar con una persona en vivo en Aeroméxico?

If you wish to resolve your problems in a fraction of a second, then you should have a conversion with airline agents over the phone. You are required to perform some quick steps to find out the airline’s phone number. The airline offers different phone numbers as per the different departments; check out the number of your concerned department and eliminate your queries. Go to the airline’s official site and browse the “customer service” section. Various phone numbers will appear on your screen. Pick the right number and interact with the airline representatives to get rid of your issues. 

¿Cómo hacer la reserva de Aeroméxico?

Travelers have different methods to book their flight tickets, and all these methods are very effortless to apply. 

  • Aeromexico official site – The first and the most used method is the airline’s official site. Mention your flight particulars and get the list of available flights. Select the flight and confirm the reservation in a jiffy.
  • Aeromexico mobile app – Install the app on your device and enter your travel preferences to view the list of available options. Pick a suitable flight and fly without hurting your wallet.
  • Aeromexico phone number – The airline’s phone number is available 24*7 to help travelers in need. Get in touch with the airline executive and share your travel priorities. He will find the flight as per your preferences.

¿Cuál es la política de cancelación de Aeroméxico?

Aeromexico has a 24-hour cancelation policy that allows flyers to cancel their existing booking even at the last moments with no extra effort. Passengers just need to know some important guidelines to avoid any kind of problems. Below are some important points related to this cancelation policy. 

  • Aeromexico has a 24-hour cancelation fee. According to this policy, Aeromexico will not charge any fee if the cancelation is made within 24 hours of the reservation. 
  • Flyers can get a full refund upon the cancelation; they just have to ensure that the flight booking termination is made at least seven days prior to departure. 
  • If you are eligible for the refund, then request it, and it may take some days to reflect the refund in your account. 
  • You will receive your refund in the mode of payment that you have used while buying flight tickets. 
  • Cancel your booking through the “Your trip” section on the airline’s official site or with the airline agents’ help.

¿Qué artículos están restringidos en el vuelo?

There are certain items that you can’t bring on the flight. Know about these items and leave them at home for a hassle-free journey. The list of these items is stated below. 

  • Self-balancing devices like waveboards, hoverboards, E-Skates, Oxboards, Airboards, etc. 
  • Trophy Animals
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Smart bags with non-removable Lithium Ion batteries
  • Alcoholic beverages above the given limit.
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 by Mason
Booked an amazing package!

I traveled with Aeromexico Airlines many times before but this time I opted to book their vacation packages. I visited the official site to find the suitable package, but I couldn’t find it. After that, I contacted the airline agent and shared my preferences with him. He arranged the package immediately and I had a great experience with the airline. Moreover, Aeromexico offers incredible discounts on vacation packages and I saved a huge amount on my booking. The services offered were amazing and I had an exciting journey. Everything was handled by the airline greatly. I highly recommend the vacation packages of this airline to everyone.

 by Adolph
Supportive ground staff!

It was my first trip with Aeromexico Airlines and it was memorable enough. As soon as I enter the airport, the guards guide me to the check-in counter. I must say the executives of Aeromexico are the best in the aviation industry. They helped me to complete the check-in easily and even helped me to pass the security. I have traveled with all major airlines, but the crew members of this airline are the best.

 by Austyn
¡Nunca olvidaré mi viaje!

Recuerdo por completo mi último viaje con Aeroméxico Airlines debido a algunas situaciones inciertas.En realidad, viajaba con mi madre en el vuelo, y se enfermó en el vuelo.Me asusté tanto y no pude hacer nada.Pero las azafatas fueron muy útiles. Inmediatamente proporcionaron la medicación necesaria, y mi madre se sentía mejor en pocos minutos solamente.Nunca olvidaré cómo manejaron toda la situación e hicieron nuestro viaje grande.Puedo decir con orgullo que el personal de Aeroméxico es el mejor en la industria de la aviación.

 by Elijah
Siempre una fan!

Viajé con Aeromexico Airlines el mes pasado. Aunque soy fanático de esta aerolínea, esta vez tenía miedo de volar debido al COVID-19. Soy una persona de 60 años y no era seguro para mí volar. Debido a alguna situación urgente, tomé la decisión y tuve un vuelo con XXX. Créame, no puedo estar más agradecido con ellos por hacer mi viaje feliz. Al ser una persona mayor, obtuve un descuento adicional del 20% en mi reserva. Estoy asombrado de cómo los miembros de la tripulación me cuidaron durante todo el viaje. Me trataron con sumo cuidado y les estoy realmente agradecido. Recomiendo esta aerolínea a todo el mundo.

 by Archer
Una mejor elección

¡Un vuelo increíble con Aeromexico Airlines! Volé de la ciudad de México a Miami con Aeroméxico el mes pasado, ¡y fue una experiencia increíble! ¡Totalmente perfecto! Me encantaba su servicio; la comida, las opciones de comida y las opciones de entretenimiento estaban a la altura. Tienen un personal increíble, muy amable y servicial. De hecho, espero volver a volar con Aeroméxico Airlines.