What is Delta Unaccompanied Minor?

Do you want to know about Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied minor guidelines and plan a trip for them accordingly? If yes, learn about the important rules and regulations and make minor reservations without any complications. 

Delta Airlines provides special facilities to unaccompanied minors between 5-14 years and children of less than 18 years flying alone. Moreover, the minor service is applicable on selected domestic and international flights. 

Terms and Conditions on the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel

At Delta, parents can let minors travel alone or with a companion, depending on the age criteria. Moreover, here are some things that you must know and check for your eligibility for traveling under minor travel. 

  • As per the Delta unaccompanied minor policy, children of 5-14 years must fly with an adult of 18 years.
  • The service is optional for children under the age group of 5-17 years.
  • Children under the age group of 5-7 years can only travel on non-stop flights operated by Delta Airlines.
  • Additionally, kids of 8-14 years can take non-stop and connecting flights on Delta or connection, KLM, and Air France flights. 
  • The airline does not accept unaccompanied minors on the last connecting flight. Moreover, it also includes red-eye flights flying between 9: 00 a.m., and 5:00 a.m. unless the flight is international. 
  • One can book the unaccompanied minor service online or by phone call. Once you are connected with a flight representative, share your flight and child details. 
  • The team provides a trackable wristband and a Delta escort to the minors. Also, they can get access to the Sky Zone lounge at specific routes.     

How do I Book Unaccompanied Minor Reservations by Phone? 

Sending your little one to a different destination on the flight seems a daunting task. Delta understands this and therefore offers a special unaccompanied minor policy for the ease of flyers. You must know all the details of this policy before making a booking for your kid. 

With Delta Airlines, you can rest assured that your child will have a safe and smooth journey. To book flight tickets for your child, you should call the phone number of the airline. There is a special department for making a booking of these little kids. 

Get in touch with travel agents through this number, and provide some details of your kid. Please note that you can use this service only by calling the airline’s phone number. Contact the dedicated number to interact with the executive. Moreover, you will have to provide some important documents at the airport to avoid any kind of hassle. 

Documents that an adult needs to provide at the time of check-in are-

  • Address that matches the ID
  • Photo ID (passport, license, etc.)
  • Contact phone number
  • The phone number, address, and name of the adult meeting the kid at the destination

Know about Delta Sky Zones

If your kid is going on a connecting flight, then the airline agent will take him to another flight. One of the business partner employees can also take him to the next flight. You should not worry about anything because the airline executives will take care of everything. 

If the unaccompanied is connecting through different cities, then he must take advantage of Delta Sky Zones. These are special areas where they are allowed to use complimentary phones. In addition to this, they can benefit from certain activities, such as video games, toys, and books. 

These areas have special arrangements to provide the best experience for all the kids. You must know which cities have Delta Sky Zones. Here is the list of cities. 

  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Minneapolis
  • Memphis
  • Los Angeles
  • New York (JFK)
  • Detroit
  • Cincinnati
  • Atlanta

What is the Minimum Age to Fly Alone on Delta?

Is your child ready to go on a flight alone? Yes, then you should use the unaccompanied minor service to make sure of a comfortable and safe journey. Some particular age groups can use this service. Let’s explore this policy based on the age groups. 

4 years and younger 

Children below the age of 4 years can’t travel alone on the flight. They must be accompanied by travelers at least 18 years old. There will be no unaccompanied minor fee for this. 

5-7 years

Kids of this age can travel on some non-stop flights only. The unaccompanied minor fee will be $150 each way. This fare is up to four children. 

8-14 years

Children between 8-14 years can fly on some connecting and non-stop flights. $150 will be charged as the unaccompanied minor fee for each way. This fee is for up to four children. 

15-17 (only those who are using unaccompanied minor service)

If your kid is between 15 and 17 years old, then he can fly on connecting and non-stop flights. The unaccompanied minor fee will be $150. These charges are for up to four children. 

What if your unaccompanied minor has a layover or connection? 

Kids over the age of 8 years are allowed to fly as unaccompanied minors with a layover or connecting flights. However, the child will be escorted to the connection gate by Delta staff or an employee contracted by the airline. Under the Delta unaccompanied minor policy, kids have access to Delta Sky Zone. If your child’s flight has a layover, they’ll rest or wait in at the airline lounges. 

Further, the lounges are filled with child-friendly activities, and even complimentary phones are also available. Depending on the airline and airport regulations, the child may need to be escorted to their connecting flight gate by the airline staff who escorted them to the initial connection gate.  

Connecting flights under Delta Unaccompanied Minor 

Minor flying on a connecting flight under the Delta UM service, the team of skilled staff will ensure that the child is boarded on a valid flight if the child needs to change planes. However, it is quite common for airlines to have strict rules regarding letting unaccompanied minors on connecting flights. However, Delta allowed minors to fly on a connecting flight with Air France and KLM.

Does Delta provide medication under the Delta Unaccompanied Minor travel program? 

Unfortunately, Delta does not provide medication under the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Travel program. Parents and guardians are responsible for providing any kinds of medications their child may need while traveling.

Unaccompanied minor flying tips 

  • While reserving a flight ticket for Unaccompanied minors, you should book non-stop flights with direct connections to their arriving destination.   
  • Ensure the minor arrives at the airport at least two hours before your flight. To make sure that the child has enough time to get through the check-in process and security.
  • Unaccompanied minors must follow the rules of the airline. Make sure you know the age restrictions and any other requirements before making a final decision. 
  • Inform the airline representative that you have bought a ticket for an unaccompanied minor. However, the child will be escorted to the airport gate by Delta staff or an employee contracted by the airline. 
  • Ensure your kid is relaxed or aware of the restrictions while flying alone. Be prepared for any unexpected circumstances and plan what to do in case of an emergency or delay.

How can I avoid the unaccompanied minor fees at Delta Airlines? 

Unfortunately, Delta Airlines does not offer any way to avoid unaccompanied minor fees. The fees are non-refundable and applied to any unaccompanied minor aged 5 to 14 flying on Delta Airlines flights. However, the charges are applied to each flight segment and are intended to cover the extra care and supervision required when a minor travels alone. Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied minor travel program is designed to offset the potential risk of the minor being left alone in an unfamiliar place

How to Book a Flight for Delta Unaccompanied Minor Travel Program? 

Every flyer once encountered a situation when their children or younger sibling wished to fly alone as an unaccompanied minor. The airline introduced an exceptional Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy to make air travel bother-free for minors. 

To check the availability of reserving a flight ticket for unaccompanied minors, you have to contact the customer service line at 800-325-8847. 

Suppose you reserve your flight tickets through the website. In that case, you must inform the airline representative that you have bought a ticket for an unaccompanied minor—and provide the following details to the airline:

  • You’ll need to provide the child’s name, date of travel, contact information, and booking invoice number. 
  • To ensure your children’s safety, you must provide the companion details of who’ll drop your kid off and meet your child at the airport.

Can unaccompanied minors fly internationally with Delta Airlines? 

Does your kid wish to fly overseas to a neighboring country? Yes, unaccompanied minors can fly internationally with Delta Airlines, but they must meet certain requirements. 

  • The parent or guardian must complete an Unaccompanied Minor form which must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the airline before the flight departure.
  • The child must be accompanied by an adult escort to the airport, through security, and to the gate. 
  • The parent or guardian must pay the unaccompanied minor fee, typically USD 150 per flight segment.
  • The child must be at least eight years old to fly internationally, and they must have a valid passport. 
  • Delta Airlines recommends that the child be enrolled in their Unaccompanied Minor Program, which provides a dedicated team of personnel to assist.

Does Delta Allow Minors to Fly?

Yes, as mentioned above, Delta offers the unaccompanied minor policy for your convenience. The airline completely understands that sending your kid on the flight alone is very frightening, and therefore, this policy has been designed. Explore the details of this beneficial policy, and stay worry-free. 

If you are planning to send your child on the flight, then you should choose Delta Airlines without even thinking twice. Book tickets at ease, and it is guaranteed that your kid will have a great experience. 

How Much is the Fee for Unaccompanied Minors on Delta?

If you book flights for unaccompanied minors on Delta, you have to pay an additional fee of USD 150. Moreover, the cost is applicable for non-stop and connecting flights operated by Delta Airlines. The minor fee covers up to four children flying together. You can pay the price in advance at the time of flight check-in through a phone call. Most importantly, the minor fee applies within the US and international flights on both connecting and non-stop flights.

Guidelines to Boarding/Takeoff for Unaccompanied Minor

Delta imposes certain rules and regulations on unaccompanied minors ‘ travel when boarding and taking off the flight. 

  • The parent/guardian should accompany the minor kid to the departure point.
  • Moreover, the parent should be at the airport till the flight departs for the final destination.
  • A Delta staff will escort the kid to board the flight.
  • The team will explain the safety features to the kids and allow them a seat in the flight’s rear section. 
  • If you have any dought, contact the flight representative by dropping a call on the customer service phone number. 

Guidelines for Picking up Minors at the Airport on Delta.

If you have booked Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor flights, a parent/guardian must carry a valid ID card and signature. Moreover, an accompanying adult should be present at the destination airport two hours before departure to get a gate pass. 

You must know some things about the pickup guidelines under Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied minor travel.

  • Suppose the person reaches the airport as the destination changes. 
  • Delta flight representative will verify the person’s name at the destination airport to pick up the minor. However, if another person comes, the airline will contact the original accompanying kid to double-check the identity. 
  • In that case, the accompanying kid should drop a call at Delta to give the new flight details. Moreover, the pickup person should carry a gate pass before picking up the kid at the gate. They should remain there until the flight is off the ground. 

Can Guardian Board a Flight with an Unaccompanied Minor on Delta?

If you have booked a flight under unaccompanied minors Delta travel, you won’t be allowed to travel alone. Moreover, the terminal area is restricted to passengers only. However, you can stay at the gate area till the flight has not left. There will be an airport employee who will meet the minor’s arriving flight. In case the minor’s connection time is short, the representative will take the child directly to the connecting flight departure. 

Contact the Delta Customer Service Team for Instant Assistance

Delta is quite popular for providing high-quality services and 100% travel assistance to the flyers irrespective of the travel class. Contact the Delta team if you plan to book minor flight tickets and need help. Most importantly, the service is available 24/7, so contact them anytime when required. 

However, if you have purchased minor tickets from a third party or an agency, you can refer to them directly. Delta will not be responsible for any changes to the minor flight ticket. 

Delta Airlines: Faqs

Can my child travel alone on the Delta flight?

Yes! Delta Airlines offers an unaccompanied minor policy that allows children to travel alone to their destinations. You just have to read the policy carefully to ensure that there is no last-minute hassle at the airport. 

What is the unaccompanied minor fee of Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines charges $150 as an unaccompanied minor fee for each way. It excludes all the taxes. This fare is up to four children. The cost is not very high, and everyone can easily afford it. 

What documents do I need to provide at the time of check-in for an unaccompanied minor?

An adult should be at the check-in desk with an unaccompanied minor to complete all the procedures. He will have to give some important documents to complete the check-in easily. These documents are:
Address that matches the ID.
Contact phone number.
The phone number, address, and name of the adult meeting the kid at the destination.

Can my child fly on international flights alone?

Yes, unaccompanied minors can also travel on international flights. But you have to note that there are some additional restrictions that you need to comply with. Make sure to go through the restrictions of a particular destination in advance.

How can I make a booking for an unaccompanied minor?

You can confirm the flight booking for your kid through a phone call only. Call the dedicated phone number to provide the required information and get the booking done with no additional effort. Moreover, the airline executives are available all the time for your help.

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