A Brief about Airbus A320

Airbus is one of the most popular airliners in the world. The A320 family is better described as narrow-body airliners which are designed and produced by Airbus. Moreover, the A320 represents the most versatile jetliner family. Additionally, it is universally acknowledged for being one aircraft which comes in four sizes, A318, A319, A320 & A321. 

How Innovative Is Airbus A320? 

The Airbus A320 family is known for being a very successful aircraft family. Moreover, it has got global recognition for being the first civil aircraft that introduces fly-by-wire technology. Since the innovation of the A320 family, it has set its standard. The credit goes to their technically sound, experienced, dedicated professionals and most significantly to an annual investment of 300 million euros.

The A320 family improved over the years and comes up with an exclusive CLS option. Above all, it is the only single-aisle aircraft that is designed exclusively to load heavy containers and pallets on the lower deck. Outward opening cargo doors and huge cargo compartment maximizes the volume of the cargo.

Furthermore, Airbus A320 has an innovation cabin, sharklets, and advanced engines. This single-aisle highly innovative aircraft grew as the most comfortable, eco-friendly and last but not least fuel-efficient aircraft.

Features of Airbus A320

The innovative cabin of the A320 family features the latest technology, wider, recliner and more comfortable seats. Moreover, large storage bins of the aircraft are capable of holding a maximum of eight bags. Additionally, passengers can enjoy more window space with clear and obstacle-free views along with unique ceiling lighting. 

The aircraft also features a well-designed and spacious lavatory. Passengers can also get extra personal space with the newly installed sidewall panels that increased an inch in the shoulder level. A320 aircraft ensures a safe, smooth, comfortable and luxurious journey.

Airbus A320 Seating

Airbus A320 seats can accommodate 150 passengers and airline mainly operates these flights on domestic routes. The First Class cabin of this aircraft has 12 recliner seats. The economy plus cabin of A320 aircraft has 42 seats and 96 seats are there in Economy Class cabin. 

A320, an innovation of the jetliner family ensures ultimate comfort and luxury to short and medium-haul flights. It is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity and success of this aircraft. The versatile cabin of this aircraft offers a variety of seating options. Designed to accommodate 140 to 170, Airbus A320 is great.

This innovative aircraft with maximum accommodation of 180 travelers flies throughout the world and lands up on every continent. Every 1.6 seconds, A320 aircraft departs and arrives at every continent. 

Airbus A320 United

United Airlines uses this next-generation aircraft in its fleet. United uses two types of Airbus planes. Airbus A320 United uses 97 planes for operation on various routes. United Airlines categorizes seats on such aircraft according to the travel class. 12 seats for united first class, 42 seats for united economy plus class and 96 seats for united economy class. United Airlines fleet of Airbus planes is highly equipped with recliner and comfortable seats, strong Wi-Fi and other basic amenities.

Airbus A320 Seat Map

According to the Airbus A320 seat map, the first-class cabin has 12 reclining seats. The seats are located in 3 rows with 4 individual seats. A320 aircraft has configured 180 seats in the all-economy class. The aircraft has three lavatories. The airline installs one seat at the front and the rest two seats are at the extreme end of the aircraft. 

Row 1, 12 and 13 of A320 aircraft have extra legroom seats. In the entire economy class configuration, the aircraft has 180 seats in total. 

FAQs on Airbus A320 aircraft 

Passengers traveling in A320 aircraft can come up with some questions and queries while moving around the country. Here present some of the questions frequently asked by passengers while traveling in A320 aircraft:

How many seats are there on an Airbus A320?

Airbus A320 can accommodate a maximum of 180 passengers. On domestic routes, 150 passengers can fly on A320 aircraft. The first-class cabin has 12 recliner seats, economy plus cabin has 42 seats and 96 seats.

Is Airbus A320 a plane of small size? 

The A320 aircraft of the Airbus family is a narrow-body plane with only two rows of seats. It has a length of 37.57 meters and a wingspan of 35.8 meters. 

What is the size of an Airbus A320?

Airbus A320 aircraft has a length of 37.57 meters and a wingspan of 35.8 meters. 

How much fuel does Airbus A320 consume? 

Some experts etimate that the one-hour A320 flight can cost $2.50 per passenger for fuel. Also, A320 flight of 150 seats burns 11, 608 kg of jet fuel over 3,984 km. The aircraft uses 0.8 kg of fuel per seat.

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